Who Benefits from DA•R•ES?
  • DA•R•ES is a specialized organization for high net worth individuals and their foundations who want to transform philanthropy and impact society through strategic giving.
  • DA•R•ES is for the 88 percent of high net worth individuals who indicated in a 2007 U.S. Trust survey that they want to "give something back to society."
  • DA•R•ES is for social entrepreneurs who want to use their skills and expertise to make serious structural changes in both the nonprofit sector and U.S. society and care deeply about whether their charitable contributions have a true impact.

Whether you are contemplating establishing a giving program or making a single large gift, DA•R•ES is prepared to work with you, and with your financial and legal advisers, to make philanthropy a successful part of your financial plan and of your life.

  • Apgar Foundation
  • Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation
  • Farrehi Family Foundation
  • Mark L. Goldenson Revocable Trust
  • Shirley & Barnett Helzberg Foundation